• Annual festival

  • Opening of courses

  • Closure of the sessions


The conclusion of the workshop the government information and communication and how to write the press release in the technical institute, the Karbala

presence of Assistant Professor Ahmed Ghanem  assistant chief of the Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical  University for Scientific Affairs and  Assistant Professor Mahir Hamid Majid, the dean of the technical institute of  the Karbala   concluded the hall of the Central Library at the Technical Institute Karbala workshop under the title of (Media and Communication and how to write the news) At the end of the closing ceremony, certificates of participation were distributed to members of participants by the Scientific assistant dean of the Institute.

Students of the Technical Institute/Diwaniyah visit the nursing home.

Diwaniyah visit the nursing home.
The Deanery  of the Technical Institute / Diwaniyah organized a visit by first year  students at the Department of Accounting Techniques to the Elder Care House in Diwaniyah accompanied by the Dean’s Assistant for Student Affairs, the Head of the Department, and a number of the department’s teachers on a humanitarian initiative that carries many meanings of human values. .
The visit is based on the directives of the Al-Furat Al-Awsat University to support student activities and volunteer initiatives of a humanitarian and social nature.

Annual festival

In the presence of the representative of the Dean and under the patronage of the Head of Materials Management Techniques Department Mr. Taher Hamid Abbas, the third annual festival has been held on Tuesday 13/3 and under the slogan ” Love of Iraq”. The Head of the department appreciated the sacrifice of Iraqis and their heroic resistance factions singing the love of Iraq. He also pointed to the importance of the responsibility of our students and the vital role they play in fighting against the forces of darkness, calling on them to be vigilant about the national fabric and contribute in the building of Iraq

Spotr news

The team of Al-Diwaniya Technical Institute won the second rank in the championship of the Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University after losing with team of the Technical Institute of Babylon in the final match that took place at the stadium of the Technical Institute of Najaf. The cup has been handed by the coach of Al-Diwaniya Technical Institute, Mr.Maher Abdul Hussein who is the responsible of the sport unit at the Institute.
At the end of the tournament and in a position of loyalty, the team visited the tomb of the late Zia Zuhair Hassoun ,the previous coach of the team, and welcomed with them the cup

Educational seminar

Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University – Technical Institute ofAl- Diwaniya holds a symposium on social customs and values presented by Mr.Ghani Owayaz,the head of the Nursing Department at the Technical Institute of Diwaniyah on the values, principles and social norms that emerged from the principles of our Islamic religion which aims to build a healthy and brotherly society and to establish patriotism and work faithfully for building and development. It is necessary to be away from extremism and to fight against the distortion of the true image of the Islamic religion and the emphasis on the need to fight rumor ,take the role in the development

Opening of sessions

Under the direct supervision of the Center for Continuing Education at the Middle EuphratesTechnical University and under the patronage of the Dean of the Technical Institute in Diwaniyah ,today, English language and computer proficiency sessions have been opened for higher studies candidates from our institute and those from other offices. At the beginning of the ssession the Dean welcomed the participants and wished them success and in their endeavor for scientific development in order serve our country.Then , the Computer Efficiency session was started . The sessions have been run by the instructors Dr. Mohammed Abdul Hussein Mohammed . Assistant Professor Dr. Ali Abdulussein Sagban

Invention for one of the students of the Institute

Invention for one of the students of the Institute . Sajad Saadi is one of the citizens of Al- Diwaniyah city and one of the students of the Department of Community Health at the Technical Institute of Al-Diwaniya.Sajad noted that the trend towards social networking sites is moving at a high pace and for all ages.He thought to creat a site similar to other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and after so many attempts ,he could get success.The site is now named Nipro according to the histirical city of Nippur, which is located in the city of Al-Diwaniyah . This site has