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Diwaniyah Technical Institute holds a workshop on the curriculum system
The Diwaniyah Technical Institute held a workshop on the curriculum system in cooperation with the Presidency of the Middle Euphrates University, in which Dr. Fares Muhammad Ali Al-Jaafari, Director of Studies and Planning Department, and Mr. Haider Latif, Planning Division Officer, and Mr. Zulfiqar Dhargham, Officer of the Computer Division, head of all departments and their deputies as well participated in the workshop. Workshop dealt with several axes, which included a work mechanism and training in implementing the curriculum program

Assistant Proff. Dr. Zaid Ma’an Hasan, the dean of Al-Diwaneyah  technical institute hold the first meeting with the head of the scientific departments and the associate dean for the administration and financial efforts as well as the associate dean for the scientific and students efforts .
They discussed how to build a scientific bases to improve and develop their scientific performance. The meeting focused on building the strategies followed in all departments  to improve the education process. Also, the meeting concentrated on the achieved quorum of the staff members and lecturers and the studying requirements of the students  to help them. They highlighted the importance of the team work to serve and keep the development of our scientific establishment.

Assistant Professor Dr. Ahmed Hashem Youssef, one of Diwaniyah Technical Institute faculty, participated as chair of the Master’s thesis discussion committee for the student Ahmed Hammoudi Abdel Mishaan and the CNG natturael gas dasign system for internal combustion neengis at the Technical College of Najaf and granted a master’s degree