President of Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University opens the digital printing press on the land of the Technical Institute Karbala

Under the patronage and attendance of the President of the University of the Euphrates Middle Tech Dr. Abdul Kadhim Jafar Yasiri opened today and on the ground of the Technical Institute Karbala Press Middle Euphrates Digital.
This comes in cooperation with the celebration of the victory over the forces of darkness and reactionary and terrorist gangs.
At the opening ceremony of the printing press, Mr. Al-Yasiri expressed his happiness with this achievement, in addition to this ,he considered a pride for the university and the Institute especially at this particular time.

“We have to work hard in all fields with honor for those who sacrificed for us.
He stressed that the martyrs deserve from us to work from this moment for the progress and prosperity of the country.
The opening ceremony included a number of events ,  started with reading the Quran then reading the Surah Al-Fatihah after that  playing the national anthem and then the speech of the Dean of the Technical Institute  of Karbala, Assistant Professor Maher Humaid Majeed, in which he thanked the President of the University for his support to the Institute. This was followed by the honoring of a number of employees of the Technical Institute participating in the establishment of the printing press.
On the importance of the printing press, Mr. Zia Issa Al-Saadin, Director of the Scientific and Consulting Services Office at the Institute and the supervisor of the operation of the printing press. The printing press is one of the digital printing presses and is a Japanese originator with high specifications and quality equivalent to four times the offset presses currently used in printing in Iraq in terms of accuracy of colors and the speed of printing and control the number of copies and on demand. It does not need to be prepared before printing as in offset presses. And the cost of operation is much less than those printers, where only need to small areas to accomplish the printing of the lack of the number of printing units and only need to ten percent of the number of employees to install and management of printing equipment in addition to that do not require high expertise to operate it can be managed by Experienced workers.
The ceremony was also attended by Ms. Ibtisam al-Hilali, a member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Dr. Munir al-Saadi, President of Karbala University, Naseef Jassim al-Khattabi, Chairman of the Karbala Governorate Council, a number of members of the provincial council and some deans of the formations of the Middle Euphrates University, Karbala University, And the representatives of the holy sites Husseiniya and Abbasid and representative of the popular crowd branch Karbala in addition to a number of heads of scientific departments and some faculty members and employees and students of the Institute.