University of the Euphrates Middle East Technical Celebrates Graduation of Students in the Context of Editing and Construction for the academic year 2016-2017)

((Dean of the Technical Institute Karbala leads a delegation of department heads and graduate students to participate in the ceremony)


Under the patronage of Prof. Abdul Razzaq Al-Issa, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, in the presence of Professor Abdul Kadhim Al-Yasiri,President of the Euphrates Middle Tech University.
On the land of the university in the city of Kufa, the ceremony of the third annual graduation ceremony of the students of the course (editing and construction) technical. This comes in conjunction with the great joys of our people with the triumph of victory and the defeat of terrorism.
The ceremony was attended by several parliamentary and academic figures, heads of some universities, deans of colleges and institutes of university formations, graduate students and their families.
Where the Technical Institute Karbala participated in the event of this ceremony with a delegation including a number of professors and graduate students led by Assistant Professor Maher Hamid Majid Dean of the Institute.
The graduation ceremony included a number of events, starting with reading Ayya from the Holy Quran and reciting Surat Al-Fatihah to celebrate the lives of our righteous martyrs and then playing the music choir to lead the Najaf Police National Anthem. After that, the participating teams started performing a group of students bearing the emblem of the Republic of Iraq. The police of Najaf followed the campaign of the ministry logo and then the logo of the university and the formations carried on the shoulders of the students graduates.
Then the review of candice of the participants were done by the students of the graduates, then the teachers of Karadis, then the deans of the various university formations, and then the heroes of the holy popular crowd of the university students.
Then the President of the University delivered a speech in which he welcomed the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and thanked him for sponsoring the ceremony and thanked all those who attended and contributed to the celebration. And reviewed the achievements of the scientific university during the past period.
The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research thanked the university presidency and its staff for their great efforts in organizing the celebration, stressing his admiration for the university’s ability to overcome difficulties and solve bottlenecks despite the recent formation of the university.
Finally, certificates of honor were given to the martyrs students and delivered to their families, as well as gifts to outstanding students by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The President of the University presented the Medal of the Presidency of the University to the Minister in appreciation and gratitude to him in supporting the march of scientific universities, especially the University of the Euphrates Middle Tech.