The conclusion of the five-ball league evening studies

Under the auspices of Mr. Dean Technical Institute OF the Karbala Assit .prof. Mahir Hamid Majid
concluded five-ball league evening studies in the presence of the representative of Mr. Dean Assit .prof. Fadel Muhammad Zahir Associate Dean for scientific affairs and students and Dr. Salem Hussein, head of the Department of Community Health techniques and mr. allawi grace head of sports activities and evening studies and collection of professors and students
before the start of the match the students on the occasion of the celebration of the victories of the security forces to Christ and the holy day and the founding of the people’s army included the national anthem and chanting some bosoms because that GLORIFIED the role of security forces in achieving victory المؤز the enemies.
After the match was marked by 74th between the first group D and the second stage C and ended in favor of the first phase of the D gain the Cup 4-2.
At the end of the Championship was the first winner of the awards and the winner of the second prize for best definite course where the student’s share of Mohammad, the governor of the second phase of the C team.
On his part, the supervisor of the championship, Mr. Allawi blessings head of sports activities and evening studies thanks and gratitude to Mr. Dean of Institute-sponsored championship continued support for all activities, especially sports activities