(The conference of units concludes its work in the technical Karbala))

In the presence of Assistant Professor Dr. Maher Hamid Majid, Dean of the Technical Institute Karbala and Assistant Professors Assistant Professor Dr. Fadel Mohammed Zaher Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs and Students and Ali Hamoudi Minister Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs and the participation of all directors of the divisions and units in the Institute concluded the work of the Third Conference of People and Units.
Where he discussed the conference for two weeks and the three sessions of working papers submitted to the conference.


Mr. Ali Hammoudi, the administrative assistant, said that the conference reviewed the working papers submitted by the participants, which included a detailed presentation of the work of their people and units during the past period as well as future plans to accomplish the tasks entrusted to them.
Noting that the conference formed several committees and took the necessary decisions on the issues raised during the conference.




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