Accounting Techniques

Accounting Techniques


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The message

The department aims at preparing the technical cadres capable of working in the field of accounting and banking, and providing services to all government departments

Characterization of graduates’ work

* Keeping accounting records of all types, organizing documents and preparing audit balances
* Participation in the implementation of continuous or final inventory, especially committees that require a financial member as well as participation and carry out the internal audit of financial statements
* Conducting the matches and preparing the statements related to the assigned work
* Carry out the work of the Fund’s secretariat and all related to this process
* Organization of payroll and advances and everything related to the process of calculation and payment of salaries
* Work in the sections of cost calculations and contribute to the distribution of costs to different cost centers and transfer them to the cost records
* Ability to use new technologies in the field of specialization


Schedule of weekly lessons for the second & first year of the academic year 2017-2018