Civil Techniques 

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The Department of Civil Techniques is moving towards expanding the base of technical education and its modern applications and building a close relationship with various sectors of society in the field of exchanging scientific and practical experiences and activating the role of scientific research in various fields of development.

The message

The department adopts the dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge in the field of civil engineering sciences to graduate national cadres at the level of education so that they are able to assimilate modern technologies and support the process of scientific and technical development to keep pace with global developments and to fulfill the following:
1. Using computer and internet techniques in education and training.
2. Openness to the community in the field of construction industry and activate the relationship with the private sector in the field of engineering consultancy, training and technical qualification.
3. Developing future plans for the development of educational and training curricula and the graduation of technical cadres in the field of construction and construction.
4. Focusing on scientific research among the academicians in the department and the industrial staff to solve the problems of the construction industry and develop its production.


The Section aims to:
1. Graduation of technical staff qualified to carry out the implementation of the various civil works and the conduct of laboratory and field tests and the implementation of maps and surveys and the calculation of quantities and loads of civil works projects.
2. Achieving the largest number of applied scientific research in cooperation with the relevant ministries and departments.
3. Ensure continuous cooperation between the Department and the development sectors in the engineering and consulting fields.


Schedule of weekly lessons for the second year of the academic year 2017-2018