community Health

community Health



  In 1994, the department established a group of laboratories including:
(Laboratory of Chemistry, Microbiology Laboratory, Laboratory of Nursing, Laboratory of Diseases, Laboratory of Physiology and Anatomy)
The department aims to prepare qualified technical personnel to work in the health departments in the governorate

The Message

The Department adopts the dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge in the field of health sciences and nursing to graduate national medical cadres at the level of education so that they are able to absorb modern technologies and support the process of medical and technical development to keep up with global developments and to meet the following:
1. Using computer and internet techniques in education and training.
2. Community service in the field of nursing, analysis and devices and activating the relationship with the private sector in the field of health, training and technical qualification.
3. Develop future plans to develop educational and training curricula and graduate technical cadres in the field of community health and nursing
4. Focusing on scientific research among the academics in the department and the medical staff to solve the widespread health problems.


The Section aims to:
1. Graduation of technical staff qualified to carry out the implementation of various mechanical works and maintenance of various industries
2. Achieving the largest number of applied scientific research in cooperation with the relevant ministries and departments.
3. Ensure continuous cooperation between the Department and the development sectors in the engineering and consulting fields.

Characterization of graduates’ work

* The graduate of the inspection and health control teams and assisting in the investigation of samples of water and food to determine their compliance with the health conditions, contributes to the implementation of primary health care programs through his work in controlling diarrhea and acute respiratory diseases and improving against communicable diseases and infectious diseases and educating mothers and encouraging them to breastfeed Natural and nutritional counseling
* The graduate works in the field of occupational health and safety
* The graduate works in health survey teams and health awareness campaigns
* Helps the doctor in the diagnostic, nursing and therapeutic procedures
* Operates and takes care of machines and machines used in diagnosis and treatment
* Participates in surveys on transitional diseases and how to control them