Office management Techniques

 Office management Techniques


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– Enhancing the role of the department to develop theoretical and applied knowledge according to scientific, ethical, social and cultural standards of society.
– The department seeks to achieve a high level of creativity and excellence through upgrading the technical education system and commensurate with the requirements of the future society.

The Message

– Provide the labor market with high-quality technical cadres that meet and cope with the latest scientific and technological developments.
– seeks to develop the cognitive abilities of human cadres so as to be consistent with the changes taking place in the environment and society.
– Preparation of a cadre of administrative middleman qualified knowledge and skilled to exercise administrative work in accordance with modern scientific techniques.
– Openness to society through interaction with government institutions and exchange of experiences and knowledge to improve the administrative and functional reality.
– Encouraging students to participate in student activities and organizations.
– Creating the spirit of team work and the adoption of mutual trust in all scientific and technical activities.

Characterization of graduates’ work

– Graduate of the management of offices of all kinds .
-Work in activities requiring ceremonial features .
. Work in Public Relations .
-Use of modern technologies in office work.



Schedule of weekly lessons for the second & First year of the academic year 2017-2018