the dean


Dean of the Institute Dr. Maher Hamid Majid

Born in Baghdad – 1978


Certificate Received


Date of obtaining the certificate

University of Technology – Department of Machinery and Equipment

Engineering PhD Mechanical Engineering

Applied Mechanics


University of Baghdad – Faculty of Engineering

Master of Mechanical Engineering

Production and processing


University of Baghdad – Faculty of Engineering

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

general mechanic







Place of publication


date of publication

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journal of Foundation of Technical Education Studying effect of low speed impact on thin walled circular tubes made of  composite materials or Aluminum alloy 2024-T351/2013/ 2013
journal of babylon University Effect of heat treatments on fatigue life of 1015 carbon steel 2012
Technology University Effect of Hold Time Periods  on Fatigue Life of Al 2024 T4 2012
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Baghdad University Reactivation of industrial steel springs/ paper 2003
journal of chemical and pharamanceutical researches corrosion inhibitation of carbon steel in 1M HCI solution by kuta gravcolens extract 2014
The International Institute for Science, Technology and Education (IISTE) Modelling of Short Corrosion Crack Growth of Low-Alloy Steel in a Chemical environment 2015
journal of Karbalaa University Numerical Inestigation of Improvement of a Modified Centrifugal Compressor with Second Splitter and Vaned Diffuser 2016
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